General Anthropology

Selected Readings of Classic Ethnography (民族誌英文名著選讀) – HD3044 (Spring)
Discussions of famous ethnographies and their famous theories, Malinowski, Benedict, Steward, Evans-Pritchard, Harris, Turner, Rappaport, Geertz, Rosaldo, Bourgois, Richard Lee
Learning the history of anthropology in ethnographies
Printed lecture notes, one midterm exam
Translation exercises each week
Final group project, mini-ethnographies with ppt presentations in English

Environmental Anthropology

Cognitive Anthropology

Human Adaptation and Cultural Evolution – HD2018 (Fall)
Contemporary subsistence strategies around the world, models of cultural evolution and the history of past subsistence patterns, i.e., foraging, horticulture, pastoralism, chiefdoms, intensive agriculture, archaic states, industrial societies, world-systems
Many movies
Midterm and Final exams

Language Development (語言發展) – HD2032 (Spring)
Introduction to linguistics – phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon
Homework problems, Group quizzes
Language development – phonological development, lexical development, development of morphology and syntax, childhood bilingualism
Some movies
Midterm and Final exams

Environmental Education (環境教育) – HD3004 (Fall)
Human ecology, populations, carrying capacity, sustainability, ecosystems, agricultural and urban ecosystems, self-organization, community activism, natural resources, limits to growth, future challenges
Systems modeling homeworks
Midterm and Final exams

Cognitive Anthropology (認知人類學) – HD4008 (Spring)
Historical development of field –  anthropological linguistics, ethnoscience, kinship, feature model, structural linguistics (Levi-Strauss), folk taxonomies, schemas, cultural models and their relation to actions, emotions, motivation
Read one journal article on cultural models and present ppt
Midterm and Final exams


General Anthropology

Theory in Cultural Anthropology (文化人類學理論) – HD5067 (Fall)
Readings in field
Weekly presentations, midterm and final exams

Environmental and Evolutionary Anthropology

Environmental Anthropology (生態人類學) - HD5003 (Fall)
Readings in field – Cultural ecology, ecosystems anthropology, cultural materialism, human ecology, traditional ecological knowledge, sustainability, evolutionary ecology, political ecology, environmental movements, constructing nature, resilience and panarchy, complex systems, environmental histories, resource wars, world-systems
Also, student will read one entire ethnography (environmental focus)
Two presentations, midterm and final, combining ethnography plus topics from lectures

Evolution and Culture (演化與文化) –HD5020 (Spring)
Readings in the field – Cultural evolution, evolutionary ecology, dual inheritance, evolutionary psychology, complexity/expanded evolutionary theory
One case study presentation for each main topic
Final presentation

Language and Culture (語言與文化,A) – HD5065 (Fall)

Reading in the field

Linguistic field methods training

Midterm exam, exercises, and final presentation

Ecological Economics